Read the information below before ordering, we evaluate Bag post is easier to give service to you quickly, we can help you..

The market as a case of two different materials in the store (Rustling, hard sound right stuff - Polyethylene, soft shiny material) is used. First, you must decide to choose what material. The next step on the bag with handles.

1 Options: Type of diecut

2 Option: Reinforced (transparent parts inside the bag with the support handlebars made.)

3 Options: Soft Handle

4 Options: Hard Handle

After deciding on the shape of the bag holding size to use is essential. If you have previously used the bags are made of the same size. The market is also available in a variety of sizes in different designs and printed bags. These dimensions can be done, you will be placed in the bag set or colleagues were told of information about the customer service representative can help you to measure. Up to 90 cm width 17cm width of the bag can be considerably.

After determining the need to decide on the color of the bag measure. Bags all kinds of colors can be made. Gold leaf, silver leaf, including, but not on any color bag, color printing is possible. Dark colors can be printed on the bag open.

The light color prints on dark color is pleasing to the eye. You can find more information by telephone or face to face customer service representatives will explain the meeting.

No pressure, including from one color printing is possible to make any kind of pressure on the bag. Floors might be called normal pressure and pressure are two printing technique. Print color and shape is determined by the amount of your order.

1 and 2 color normal pressure of 150 Kg, 250 Kg 1 and 2 color background pressure, normal pressure of 250 Kg 3 colors, 3 colors printed works Ground Clamp 250 to 400 Kg and 750 Kg to 1000 Kg No need to order from. Graphic design of the next phase is given to the color of the print is done. Do not worry about it for you to sit back, Graphic design will make friends. The design, logo, product or store name will emphasize the appreciation made designs are available.Church is done by removing the pressure on pack your design you've chosen. If you pack your most recent phase in which the location of the holding if the specific request made by him or standard packaging sector the way we are ready for despatch.


Reinforced Bags

In general, is used to transport bulky textile products. Transport and increase the strength of the bag in order to avoid tearing of the reinforcing strip is applied on the neck with the hand-held. Without bellows, bellows or fully gusseted bag to the bottom can be produced.

Promotion Bag

To the mouth of the bag handle bag with hand-holding kazandırılmıştır cavity. There is widespread use in the field of retail and textiles. Without bellows, bellows or fully gusseted bag to the bottom can be produced.

Soft Handle Bag

To gain strength in the bag, in order to provide a comfortable hold and prevent tearing produced by the addition of an external handle. Soft handle bag color may be different from the color of the ground. Without bellows, bellows or a full bottom gusset bags can be produced in the form.

Plastic Handle Bag

Muvakemetini improve transport bag, even under heavy loads and to maintain the aesthetic appearance of adhering to the top of the heat produced by the rigid hard plastic handle. Plastic bag handle color may be different from the color of the floor .. Bottom gusset bags produced in the form bellow or complete.

Rope Handle Bag

Rope through the holes in the drop-down at the top of the bag is restored to a handle. Top-storey models implemented in this application. For production of large volumes of relatively lower weight. Bottom gusset bags produced in the form bellow or complete.

Eyelet - Rope Handle Bag

To add visual and aesthetic rope bag rope handle bag tumbles metal rings around the holes and the rope passes through the metal rings earned to handle. Metal rings, especially silver and gold bag gives a distinct charm. Bottom gusset bag bellows or a full format.

Rivet - Serum Handle Bag

Carries a very special design that adds prestige products. The upper part of the bag and fold-transparent, shiny plastic handle is attached with rivets. Shows sufficient strength for medium heavy and light loads optics, watches, jewelry, shoes, such as are used in areas where the visual foreground. Bottom gusset bag bellows or a full format.

Handle Bag with Strap

Flexible plastic strap is formed by coupling of the two points at the top of the bag. Plastic strap and the bag may be different background colors. Recommended for light and medium weight loads. Bottom gusset bag bellows or a full format.